Okay it has been a while...

...seven years. When I started this blog in 2010 I was recently divorced and out of work. I'm since re-married, put on 25 pounds, moved to downtown Montreal and have a steady job.

Anyway. Life.

My husband and I tried food preparation subscription services during the winter. First Goodfood for quite a while, then Miss Fresh for about two weeks. It's convenient, no doubt. The nagging "what to eat tonight?" was now limited to four choices, and that became even easier as the week progressed... No grocery shopping in the snow and the cold either,  a welcome respite from the brutality of our Quebec winters.

Goodfood was okay, with well organized boxes, but a little on the stingy side, quantity-wise, and they became boring. I mean there are only so many times you can have pistachio crusted cod, right? That's when we changed. Miss Fresh was better: generous, diverse, albeit a tad untidy (their way of packaging leaky substances leaves a lot to be desired), and with easier recipes.

However, with either service, each plate costs about 10$ (taxes inc.), that's 80$ a week. I became convinced I could do the same thing or better on a lighter budget. And with summer around the corner, what better time to renew with the pleasure of going to the market?

So, with a little help from my friends, I will try to tell the story of my own food preparation subscription service.

It all starts with planning, I guess, so I picked four (not so random) recipes for four dinners next week, made an exact list of the ingredients and will fill it exactly at the grocery store tomorrow. We'll see if I can buy everything for less than 80$. Then I'll tell you about it.



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